6 Ways to become more creative


What does it mean to be creative? To harness and evolve your creativity?

1. The ability to think about a task or a problem in a new or different way.

Or my favourite: 

2. The ability to use your imagination to generate new ideas. 

Ultimately, creating is looking at things from your own unique perspective – and when you share that with others, it’s a gift for them too!

But creativity isn’t necessarily something you’re just born with. It’s something that can be nurtured, explored and cultivated. 

And it’s certainly not just for the ‘artistic types’. It’s within everyone!

So whether you’re launching a new idea, 💡 

Writing or composing a new song, speech or book, 📖 

Creating a new sales strategy or business model, 💰 

Cooking dinner, rearranging the furniture or doing the gardening 🫕 🪴

Creativity is a part of all of us. 

And nurturing it will help you find more clarity, motivation, joy, peace and might just give you the inspiration you need, to feel better about your artistry, work and life!

So here are 6 ways to cultivate your creativity…

  1. Follow the joy! – Welcome the notion of childlike fun, playfulness and exploration. Don’t take it all too seriously – having goals is great, but not if it stifles joy and creativity. 
  2. Be in flow state! – Stop trying to control the outcomes and perhaps reduce your expectations. Create space for ideas to flow and emerge. Somethings can only be revealed to you when you’re ready, relaxed and open to possibilities. Even when things seem impossible. 
  3. Take a break! – My best creative ideas pop up when I take a break to clear or refuel my mind and body. Stop, take a few breaths, get some fresh air for some fresh ideas. 
  4. Be inspired by creation itself! – Go for a walk in nature, read an inspiring book or listen to some inspiring music or a speaker who could help expand your ideas. Write and record ideas as they arise in a journal, they will be gone if you put it off til later. Because they come from an inspired place, they often can’t be recalled by going back to your mind or memory.
  5. Take action! – Experiment with a new idea or be prepared to change course. When I’m writing a new show I try not to get fixated on what I want it to be. Instead I simply start ‘free writing’ and this allows new ideas to emerge.  
  6. Practise your craft! – Mastering or expanding your skills within your field, will make you more creative. By continuing to learn and evolve we have more options to choose from. 

In the book The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron talks about doing ‘morning pages’. That is writing a few pages about anything and everything that crosses your mind. Let your creative juices start first thing every morning. You could even create your day by jotting your intentions.

So creativity isn’t just about painting 🖼 or singing 🎼. It’s simply opening the channels for your soul to be expressed. In your own unique way!

So ask yourself;

How can you create something new today? What’s something that longs to be creatively expressed in you? What stops you or holds you back?

Opening the channels to your creative self expression is available to you everyday. There’s no winning or losing, no right or wrong. So go on…. Just follow the joy!

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Think I’ll go and have a sing now, 🎵  Danielle – Awaken Your Voice

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