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How to be courageously Fully expressed, when it matters most

➡️For those who want to SHOW UP with courage and confidence like never before.... but struggle to make it happen!
➡️ For those who are trying their best to be seen and heard, but struggle to make the impact, get the gigs or income they want! 
➡️ For those who are ready to rocket launch their dreams 🚀, or take them to the next level, and make 2022 their fully expressed year!

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Let's start here with these important questions...

Are you tired of seeing less talented and less experienced people, making more of an impact than you and yet you shy away from promoting your value fully?

Do you struggle to express yourself freely, and lack dynamic impact to reach your audience, clients and the income you really want?

Do you want to create a path to attract more of what you want in life, love, career and money, but feel pulled between wanting to express yourself and remaining quiet?

Does not allowing yourself to be fully seen and heard cost you – personally and professionally?

Young man with brown hair in gray t shirt terrified covers his mouth. Worker just overheard a story about his coworker. She looks so shy at work and now guy sees her in different light. Emotions concept

If you answered yes to any of these, I can help

Like you… I care about living a deeply fulfilled and fully expressed life, with confidence, satisfaction and success.

I know…

You want to thrive - not just survive
You don’t want to let your fear and setbacks hold you back anymore
You panic and let self-talk turn you away from what matters most to you

You need tools to stand in your powerful magnetic presence and attract the attention you want!

But you need a way to reconcile your deepest fears, self doubt, constant procrastination and emotional pain that holds you back.

In the Awaken Your Voice Mini Course you'll GET UNSTUCK so you can;

✅ Walk into that audition, interview or meeting ready to get the gig

✅ Walk onto the stage or into a room with unshakable presence and make real impact

Have the courage to write your songs, show, speech and release your message to the world

Experience what it's like for your voice to just flow from you easily, whether singing and speaking 

✅ Speak up for yourself easily with challenging people because you won’t have the fear you used to have.

✅ Identify specifically what inner block stops you from expressing your true self and eliminate it for good with powerful tools

Have clarity and confidence to pursue your dreams and crush self-doubt


Your success is measured by how much you love your life and by expressing the real you!

We look forward to magnifying your magnetic presence,

making you unshakeable in any situation

and creating real connections,

the income

and life you want.

Where we'll meet

Online on zoom Wednesday 7pm to 9pm

 When you register you will receive your zoom link

This mASTERCLASS is a great opportunity for you to experience the awaken your voice key foundational tools taught in the Full transformaional course - at a highly reduced rate

Here's what some of our clients are saying

"If you feel like you want to achieve something big or you’re looking for answers to life’s big questions or you just want to be a better version of yourself this will wow you.”

Cathy Coach and Singer

The Awaken Your Voice course shifted everything for me - personally and professionally. Not only am I singing everyday now, I know my worth as a professional. Participating in the course (twice!  because I loved it so much!) helped me acquire the tools I needed to improve my presentation skills and work on my strengths and weaknesses. It opened up my mind to what I could be striving for and achieving in all aspects of my life. It wasn't about the singing at all. It was about me.

Jade Lindsay Moore CRM Specialist Arts Centre Melbourne, Chair BOMnet Committee

“The Awaken Your Voice course was a groundbreaking experience that has sparked an ongoing positive impact in my life. I began the course as someone who would constantly overthink and I often struggled to control my emotions. Throughout the course I developed the skills and understanding to tune in with my body and soul and most importantly embrace my emotions. Since then I have been able to broaden my awarenesses and have created a clear and stable state of mind. I was able to achieve an incredible new job promotion, in the past my self-doubt would have overridden any potential to achieve such a role.”

Stephanie Scopece Global Accounts Tender Manager

“My experience with Awaken Your Voice Course was a great vehicle to get me in the correct mindset to help gain better work, make better life choices, improve and explore the inner soul to do things I set out to achieve both with career, music and family giving my life the perfect balance. I’m now in a new job and getting great gigs, I’ve definitely made leaps and bounds out of doing your program.” 

Mark Gardner Musician, Entertainer, Promoter, Southern FM Radio Host

Prior to working with Danielle, I was experiencing a fair amount of anxiety and uncertainty as both a performing artist and in connecting with others, especially in unfamiliar environments. This often led to me feeling stifled, frustrated and isolated, even on a stage in a room full of people. During the course, and in participating within the group, I was able to cultivate self-awareness, connection and freedom in how I expressed myself, which has helped me as a performer, and in how I relate with others. The course has been an important piece in healing past wounds and reclaiming trust in my life and I am grateful for that.

Chris Vincent Singer, Musician, Songwriter

“The work that Danielle facilitated in her AYV course taught me to speak with my inner voice and confidence, embody and integrate my truth and message, and have presence each time I speak. I’ve been speaking in virtual summits since the course, being invited as a guest on podcasts, and I’m applying to TEDx as my next step. Thank you Danielle for helping me speak my truth and giving me the courage to be visible.” 

Olivia Medical Doctor, Speaker, Author

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about Danielle 

Danielle Soccio has helped transform 1000's of people into confident and courageous individuals, with a new found clarity, voice and vision for their life.

You need to bring your voice and your life into alignment with who you really are and what you really want to be fully expressed in your artistry, career or personal life.

Don’t spend another day in pain, playing small or shying away from being seen and heard and having the impact and life you want.

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* Awaken your IMPACT  * SHOW UP in your vALUE and pOWER * Attract the LIFE and INCOME you want * live a FULFILLED life 

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