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Free Online COURSE - "your POwerful Presence" - Reveals How To Awaken Your Voice so that you can have the VOICE, presence and confidence to live the life of your dreams
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If any of these relate to you, read on...

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🔆 Have you spent years expressing your gifts and talents but you just can’t get the Break through & income you want?
🔆 Is your voice lacking confidence, power and stamina?
🔆 Do you shake in your boots when all eyes are on you, or you downplay your talents, shying away from promoting yourself fully?
🔆 Do you have a constant gnawing feeling there is ‘something more’ you want to do, but you avoid putting yourself out there?
🔆 Does not allowing yourself to be fully seen and heard cost you – personally and professionally?


There is something missing that will take the brakes off for good.

What’s missing? Your Powerful Personal Presence.

Personal presence is something often misunderstood, and rarely taught. But it’s often the missing key you’re looking for. 

I’m sure you’ve felt it before, during a powerful performance, a conversation, a deep meditation. This is when you feel a connection to an inner part of yourself or others, and in that random moment, everything changed.

It felt amazing and people responded to you in a stronger way.

THAT’S WHERE IT’S AT. You need to get people to respond to you in a different way and that will open up doors for you.


The most impactful people, the ones you follow and admire, operate from this place of magnetism.

In the quality of their communication and the truth of their voice & message. You can feel it.

You are drawn in. Moved. And change happens in the space around them.

What are they are doing inside that has the power to transform themselves & the room in that moment?

It's not just focus. It’s a deliberate way of connecting with your inner voice, to express your greatest gifts & creativity.

And when we shift into this place of PRESENCE, everything changes. 

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It's not really a tool or a technique, it is something you can learn to access within you. It's already within you. There are pathways that can reliably take you there. And it's that access that I can help you with. 

This challenge will enable you to:


With a gentle practise, you’ll learn how to perform or speak from a place of truth & confidence. Your voice will flow from you easily and not fatigue. You’ll find yourself singing or saying things that surprise you.


Your VOICE and your PRESENCE are your most powerful tools of expression. Learn how to adjust your voice, tone and pace, to better connect with yourself, your audience and others.

 ✔️ SHOW UP with unshakEable Presence: 

You'll learn a practise to feel your inner innate power, language, creativity and intuition to come through you, so people will listen, on & off the stage.


No more hesitating. You’ll let go of the idea that you're not good enough or worthy.

And realise you are inspiring!

Expressing yourself fully doesn't need to be forced or projected. Create a better signal you give off to people, to be believable, likeable and trustworthy & attract an audience that love you and keep them
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3 Consecutive Online Sessions

@  730pm Melbourne Time AEDT (approx 90mins each)


Monday January  23rd,

Monday January 30th,

Wednesday February 1st

Each session builds on the last - you'll learn & experience key tools -

to get the full benefit, you should attend all 3 sessions

Where we'll meet

Online on ZOOM. When you register you will receive your zoom link.

You will be part of a facebook group to keep you connected throughout the mini course.

This mini Course is a great opportunity for you to experience the awaken your voice key foundational tools taught in the Full transformational course - absolutely free

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Here's what some of our clients are saying

“The work that Danielle facilitated in her AYV course taught me to speak with my inner voice and confidence, embody and integrate my truth and message, and have presence each time I speak. I’ve been speaking in virtual summits since the course, invited as a guest on podcasts, and I’m applying to TEDx as my next step. Thank you Danielle for helping me speak my truth and giving me the courage to be visible.” 

Olivia Medical Doctor, Speaker, Author

"If you feel like you want to achieve something big or you’re looking for answers to life’s big questions or you just want to be a better version of yourself this will wow you.”


Cathy Coach and Singer

The Awaken Your Voice course shifted everything for me - personally and professionally. Not only am I singing everyday now, I know my worth as a professional. Participating in the course (twice! because I loved it so much!) helped me improve my presentation skills. It opened up my mind to what I could be striving for and achieving in all aspects of my life. It wasn't about the singing at all. It was about me.

Jade Lindsay Moore CRM Specialist Arts Centre Melbourne, Chair BOMnet Committee

“The Awaken Your Voice course was a groundbreaking experience that has sparked an ongoing positive impact in my life. I was constantly overthinking, struggling to control my emotions. I learned to tune into my body, soul and embrace my emotions, creating a clear and stable state of mind. I achieved an incredible job promotion, in the past my self-doubt would have overridden any potential to achieve such a role.”

Stephanie Scopece Global Accounts Tender Manager

“My experience with Awaken Your Voice Course was a great vehicle to get me in the correct mindset to help gain better work, make better life choices, improve and explore the inner soul to do things I set out to achieve both with career, music and family giving my life the perfect balance. I’m now in a new job and getting great gigs, I’ve definitely made leaps and bounds out of doing your program.” 

Mark Gardner Musician, Entertainer, Promoter, Southern FM Radio Host

I was experiencing anxiety and uncertainty as both a performing artist and in connecting with others, especially in unfamiliar environments. I often felt stifled, frustrated and isolated, even on a stage. During the course, I was able to cultivate self-awareness, connection and freedom in how I express myself, which has helped me as a performer and person. I've healed past wounds and reclaimed trust in my life and I am grateful.  

Chris Vincent Singer, Musician, Songwriter

Brought To You By Singer, Performer, Speaker, Voice And creative Leadership Coach, Danielle Soccio
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Danielle Soccio is a highly sought after singer, speaker, voice and leadership coach based in Melbourne, Australia.

She made her public mark as a singer and actress, writing and producing one woman shows, performing at concert halls, in musicals such as The London Palladium's The Sound Of Music, on live television, along side Australia’s stars of stage and screen, before viewing audiences of millions of people in Australia and overseas.

Danielle Soccio has helped transform 1000's of people into confident and courageous individuals, with a new found clarity, voice and vision for their life, on and off the stage.

Don’t spend another day struggling, playing small or shying away from being seen and heard and having the impact and life you want. Dare to follow your dreams.


* Empower your Voice

* Inspire and Impact

* Make your dreams a Reality

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