Be seen, be heard and make impact

Awaken Your Voice
The 7 Week Transformation Course

Be seen, be heard and make impact

Awaken Your Voice - The 7 Week Life Transformation Course

Make greater impact and influence in a larger more meaningful way, when it matters most!
From the stage, in your career or your personal life.


Are you afraid to be seen and heard in a larger way?

Do you have a deeper calling for something more in life but battle to express it?

Are you tired of the struggle to make impact in your artistry, career and personal life?

Do you feel unexpressed in your skills and talents, yet have a burning passion to share your voice and message with the world?

Do you yearn to attract the career, gigs, clients, income and relationships you really want, but feel stuck?

It’s not meant to be this hard.


What do you really want?

Like you we care about living a deeply fulfilled and fully expressed life, with all the confidence, satisfaction and success you desire.

But there’s a problem.

  • You want to thrive - not just survive
  • You want to make real lasting impact in your professional life with the income you deserve, but don’t know how to attract or ask for it.
  • You want to have courage to speak up for yourself in any situation, but no matter how hard you try, some part of you still feels unexpressed
  • You want to be a magnetic and powerful speaker or performer with real success, but you struggle to make impact with your audience

We’ll help you discover what you really want, what stops you from achieving it, and how to change that for good.

To be the confident, courageous and impactful individual you long to be.

whats covered in the course?

Mastering Presence

and connecting with the true essence of yourself so you can hear your inner voice and guidance

Reconciling Ego and Fear

With tools to eliminate out of control fear, self sabotaging behaviours, emotions and impulses, and know our true selves that longs to be seen and heard.

Reconciling our Human Needs

to finally understand what drives us at our core level and how to overcome barriers that are sometimes self imposed.

Finding your Inner Guiding Voice,

rediscover your creativity and uncover your hidden inner power source that already exists within you to make the best choices for your life.

Connecting with Heart Desire

to get clarity on what you really want and find courage to move out of the life choices you think you should want and into the ones you want.

Mastering Embodiment

by using our own bodily experience and processes to understand our own emotional experience and processing. To develop awareness, stay present, feel whole, find balance, feel connected, know ourself, love ourself and be empowered.

Reconciling Emotions

so we can catch ourselves in the moments, take a step back and reset our reality. So we can learn how to be responsive instead of reactive

Reconciling Shadows

so you can finally release the hidden parts of yourself that rule your whole life unknowingly, but keep you on the old roller coaster of life.

Flowing in your Full Potential,

to finally give yourself permission and tools to be confident, courageous and fully expressed in all areas of your life with a clear path forward.

Who is it for?

It’s for both aspiring and high achieving people

who want to express themselves with greater impact and influence in a larger and more meaningful way

but who struggle to confidently communicate from the stage, at work or in their personal life, what’s most important to them.

so you can have the impact, wealth and fulfilment you want

How does it work?

It’s not the type of course you will learn and forget. We use intuitive, effective, creative and enjoyable tools and processes you will use for life. When we clear the path going forward - things start to change and you awaken the person, artist and leader you long to be.

In a structured 7 week journey in a small group with 2 sessions per week:

1 x 2.5 hour interactive group session

1 x 20min online session to reinforce the weekly teachings

Workbook and materials supplied

How can it help?

Increase your energetic magnetic presence

Unlocking your creativity and expressiveness

Balancing thoughts, feelings, and actions

Making better choices and expanding your options

Dissolving burn-out, frustration and procrastination

Identification and appropriate expression of feelings

Healing relationship and emotional trauma

Fostering forgiveness and family influences

Healing fear, grief and anxiety

Unlearning cultural conditioning

Connecting with yourself and others

Self-reflection and awareness

“I’ll never show you something you’re not ready to see, I’ll never take you somewhere you’re not ready to go. But I will awaken your inner light for you to see”


All for an investment of only $1897

Next course starts Oct 27th


How to book in 3 easy steps


Book a free 30min session

Get clarity on your core issue and find out how the course will help you


Book the 7 week course

Make an informed decision to begin your journey with a tool to get you started


Start living a fully expressed life

With life changing tools you will have for life



"eye opening, emotionally explorative and selfish – all in a good way! AYV forced me to take time for myself, open up the emotional blockages and breathe through the challenges life gives us sometimes. I loved it so much, I did it TWICE!”… Jade

"When I first attended an Awaken Your Voice, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I always knew that there were certain blockages in my mind stopping me from being my best self, but it wasn’t until I started this course with Danielle that I really learnt how to understand and overcome these mental blocks. I never knew just how much was holding me back in life, and I have begun my journey to break down the wall in my head.” Hillary

"My experience with awaken your voice was more than I could have ever imagined. Over the 7 weeks I uncovered beliefs and a lack of voice that were holding me back from being who I knew in my heart I was. This course has helped me mature in a way I did not know I was ready for and capable of. I am so grateful for the likeminded people I got to connect with and the empowering tools I can implement into my life. Thank you, Danielle." Marie

"Over the 7 weeks I learnt more and more to honour myself, to pursue what truly gives me joy, and to live my life with a sense of ease and flow. The insights I've absorbed have been profound. Through the processes which form a core part of the course, I was able to realise the power that lies in basking in the joys of the present and the tranquility that comes when I simply stop resisting. The course has been like a ray of sunlight, revealing with it the good that already exists in the world and the warmth and power I possess within myself." Celine

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