Emotional stress and your voice!


We all carry a lot of tension in our body, and much of it stores in our JAW! 

But it’s not just due to physical tension, our JAW holds a lot of emotional tension too!  

Our JAW carries a lot of emotional unexpressed words, pain and trauma.

And this has a direct impact on your voice. Not only on the tone, pitch and fluidity, but it also affects your confidence and what you have to say too!

Studies show the biggest cause of stress are emotional ones!

And it manifests in our physical body. It’s said that:

Neck + Jaw Tension = Fear and Repressed Self-Expression

Therefore if you’re having trouble with your voice; it’s not feeling free or at ease. Or you’re just too afraid to express it fully, when it matters most, then it may not just be a physical technique issue. It’s possibly (and most likely) an emotional one!

Awakening your voice is as much about alleviating physical tension, as it is to alleviate emotional tension. If not more!

For example your jaw may be tight and rigid because your neck or shoulders are out of whack

or you feel like you’re carrying the ‘weight of the world’ on your shoulders

or you may have a lot of stored up ‘stuff’ you haven’t been able to express and get off your chest. Things you really want to say, but are afraid or you avoid them. Creativity that longs to be expressed.

This can even create a persistent cough or clearing of the throat as the whole area becomes restricted or shutdown.

I’ve even seen some clients freeze when asked to sing or speak. Their neck and jaw seize up immediately. 

This tension often stems from a subconscious behaviour and it can be a pretty clear indicator that your nervous system is in survival mode.

So to counteract this, here’s a daily exercise for you;

Allow your teeth to come apart (your mouth to open) while relaxing your jaw muscles. Let the jaw hang heavily from the joint. 

Soften your gums, tongue, throat, neck and shoulders too. Even relax your eyes and forehead.

Just allow yourself to stay in this stillness and softness for a few minutes.

Let this be a natural relaxation rather than forced as your goal is to soften. Gently massaging your jaw joint (TMJ) can help too. 

You should keep breathing through this process or even let our some sighs. Aaaahhhhhh. Voicing out whatever arises is important, however feels right. 

You may notice how much of an impact this simple softening has on your whole body. It can be quite calming.

When we let our body and muscles soften, and release our pent up voice, we can release stress and have access to greater expression. Or simply get in touch with how we feel.

Stanley Keleman says, “We do not have bodies, we are our bodies. Emotional reality and biological ground are the same and cannot, in any way, be separated or distinguished”. Life incarnate is a process of individual human experience manifesting in the body.

To take it one step further, doing a daily exercise such as a FULL BODY SCAN can help you feel what emotions are stored up.

Stored emotions are simply messengers telling us something within us is unsettled or something needs to grow or change. So the key is to allow your body to speak to you, through its tension!

By simply acknowledging what arises, you can let it go. Release it of its power.

In my Awaken Your Voice Course and Programs, I use tools and practises to help you dive deeper into the layers of your PHYSICAL BODY to dissolve any PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL STRESS or trauma you may be carrying.

If you would like to know more about these profound emotional release techniques please feel free to contact me directly, and start to manage your body and emotions better. 

Please click on the link below for your free 30 minute discovery session to discuss how these tools can be useful for you.

Here’s what clients are saying…

“My experience with awaken your voice was very positive. The focus on getting out of one’s head space and into our bodies – using a mix of meditation and tools aimed at developing our physical and spiritual awareness – is invaluable to achieving a greater sense of calm and presence in our daily lives.” Anne

“My experience with awaken your voice was very eye-opening. I learnt things about myself that I had been suppressing for a long time. I was able to identify things that have been bothering me or that I could not fully understand in my life. Danielle was amazing in helping us overcome what has been holding us back in our lives. I couldn’t recommend this course enough, it is probably the best thing I have ever taken part of in my life, and I use the techniques and tools we were taught every day.” Bianca

All you need to do is BOOK A FREE 30 MINUTE DISCOVERY SESSION HERE so you can find out;

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The 4 programs I offer are; 

  1. Awaken Your Voice – 7 Week Group Course for individuals
  2. Awaken Your PurposeFULL Life 3 Month Personal Transformation Program
  3. Make Powerful Impact for your organisation or team
  4. And of course; holistic vocal / singing coaching

I look forward to sharing this powerful training with you


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