Awaken Your Voice - Life  Transformation PRIVATE program

Awaken Your Voice - Life  Transformation PRIVATE program

Uncover What Stops You From Living Your Most Courageous, Fulfilling and Fully Expressed Life, So You Can Live Your Purpose, Passion and Dreams!

You’re smart, creative, talented and gifted with accomplishments to be proud of…

But do you sometimes feel a painful and confusing gap between the greater potential you sense for your life and your ability to realise it?

Do you feel you have done everything right? Done everything you can, but some areas of your life are still not thriving?

Are you tired of constantly keeping the brakes on your dreams, and you want the courage and bravery to back yourself?

Are you feeling pulled to express and uncover your gifts and talents while at the same time experiencing paralysing fear and self-doubt?

You should not be living this way.


Your struggles you’re feeling are not your fault

They are just the culmination of years of conditioning to live a life you thought would make you happy and successful

Let’s now re-condition. LET'S DREAM!

Are you ready to take the huge lid off?

Stop avoiding and learn how the sum of your past experiences are affecting you today

By uncovering your bravery and true potential to live your FULL POWER AND PURPOSE in Creativity, Life and Love

This program will guide you to alter the course of your life.

To help you consciously create what you want - to reach even beyond the dreams you have for yourself

what's covered in the program?

A deep dive program to reconcile the life you’re living and establish the life you really want.


your life from controlling behaviours that have run your life until now


the traps that have created pain and separation in your life and build a language of empowerment


your illusionary self, the ingrained core fixation patterns you’ve mistaken as your real self and reveal the liberation of your true self


your past traumas and access your body’s profound natural healing capacity


and find compassion for yourself, others and life to allow true inner healing


your beliefs, fears and unconscious programming that have stopped you in life


to your core values, purpose and desires with courage to pursue them


your deepest dreams and create a plan for a brand new, more fulfilling life


a powerful impactful leader or individual who attracts the clients, wealth and relationships you want


in your true unbridled bravery and brilliance

Who is it for?

It’s for both aspiring and high achieving people

who want to live a radiant, fully expressed life

but who struggle with shame, exhaustion, confusion and self-doubt to make the changes they want to make

to realise a powerful deeper calling on their life

How does it work?

A 3 month private VIP program tailored for you.

You will be guided where no meditation, positive mindset or healthy lifestyle program has been able to take you before:  

Be taken to the boundless intelligence inside you, which can deeply heal your mind, your body, your wounds and free you from emotional traps, to uncover deep joy, fulfilment and freedom  

Soaring in your true potential, ready to effortlessly and confidently prosper in your career, creativity, financial wellbeing and relationships.

We use intuitive self actualisation tools that are tailored for you;

6 to 8 coaching and practise 1 hour sessions

2 to 3 deep dive self-actualisation 1.5 hour sessions

Support materials and a life purpose plan outline

Ego personality type assessment

Unlimited email support so you never feel you are on your own

How can it help?

Break free from the barriers to creating your soul’s potential

Unlock your power to shift from self achievement to self actualisation

Step into your potential for authentic confidence, love and intimacy

Unlock your unique gifts and talents with courage to use them

Live a prosperous life that is aligned with your core values

Create a life of joy, love and play to manifest your dreams

Cultivate a deeply rich spiritual life where you feel supported by a higher power

Feel deeply alive, ready to thrive in health, relationships and personal wealth

Ignite and uplift people around you or impact the world

‘We already have everything we need. All the time our warmth and brilliance are right here. This is who we really are. We are one blink of an eye away from being fully awake.’ Pema Chödrön


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How to book in 3 easy steps


Book a free 30min session

Get clarity on your core issue and find out how the program will help you


Book the 3 month program

Make an informed decision to begin your personal transformation with a tool to get you started


Start living a fully expressed life

With life changing tools you will use for life



"It allowed me to reconnect with the deepest core of my being and trust it, and listen to it, and realise all the unconscious emotions and habits that were guiding my life and behaviour that were no longer serving me. And it’s allowed me to be fluidly and creatively expressed in a way that I haven’t been able to for many years. Almost as if I were a child again, it's the same sort of free expression that I can now experience”  Celine

“The program brought to my attention the beliefs that have been constricting me all my life and the layers and layers of emotion that exist beyond what my conscious self has immediate access to. Danielle has been an incredibly grounding presence in my life and has blessed me with a toolkit to start building the life I want to lead, personally and professionally.” CT

I was in a perpetual state of constant anxiety about my life, my job and my future. I have now uncovered my passions to write, paint and I feel more confident to share them with others. My workplace was a constant source of stress, but I have now stepped into my career with a new voice and confidence to show up in my full capabilities. Anonymous

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